Friday, 7 June 2013

Our last day :(

After a much better might sleep we have woken to blue skies but still the cold wind. We have a morning of problem solving and fish fingers ( you came on the wrong day Mrs B!) before heading back.

The children have been great company and behaved very well.

See you all later!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thrilling Thursday!

Wow! Your children are amazing!!  Over the last two days everyone has attempted the Leap of Faith which is brilliant and nearly everyone got further than they thought they would.  You should be very proud of your determined and confident children!

I have (as usual) overdone the photos today. 116 taken today so a few too many to upload using the really slow wifi so will put some on and add the rest when we get back.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Don't worry everyone, we are here!!

Sorry for the late blog but we are too far away from the wifi for it to work in our room so have had to wait to sneak to the nice teacher's room (with coffee and sweets but don't tell Miss Bailey!!)

Anyway so far so good!!  All the children are happy and, even better, getting more tired by the minute!

We had a great train ride and a 1000 mile walk around Sheringham Park (well it felt like a 1000 miles!).  The rhododendron are in full bloom and looking beautiful.  Following a quick picnic lunch and a climb up the gazebo the children were more than ready to set off for Kingswood.

The children settled quickly into their rooms and we have seen some pathetic attempts  at duvet covering!  The first activities for the night were zip wire and leap of faith.  We were very impressed by the bravery on show. I would have had a go of course but someone has to take the photos...............

A slight technical hitch saw Bartek become Mr Noble's balloon!  He was rescued and all ended well.